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The Inspiration Behind Love My Rescue Dogs.com


Our Inspiration - Blu Campbell

It began in 2006 when Alan and I decided to adopt a dog named Blu.

Like a ripple in the water, Blu's impact on our lives kept expanding. We were first inspired to do more for rescue dogs by conducting home inspections on behalf of Labs4rescue.

Just about a year later, we became a foster family and the ripple expanded.

Learn About Our First Pup Here: Puppy Tales: Katrina and A Dog Named Blu


Our First Foster Milly Campbell

Milly was our first foster and it was love at first sight, we adopted her within the week.

It was during this time that the idea for for a website started to take shape. Al and I discussed different things we could do but we weren't sure what direction we wanted to go.

You can read more about Milly here: Puppy Tails: How Love Changed My Life


Our 3rd Rescue Peach Campbell

Next we fostered Peach, an older gal, making her part of our family while she searched for hers.

Two families turned her down, one pronouncing her too old, the other declaring her too large for apartment living.

As we continued to search for her permanent home Peach was telling us "you are my forever home!" and couldn't understand why it took us so long to hear her.  After three weeks she became our third rescue dog.

Read About Our Girl Here: Puppy Tales: We Rescued a Georgia Peach

The ripple that Blu began expanded once more...  We became determined to start a business based on our love of dogs. With it came a whisper of an idea...

A woke up one morning and decided to form a new corporation based on giving back to community. 4winds of Change, LLC  is committed to making a difference. We have designed several online businesses where you can make a difference as well.

The concept is simple. We offer a variety of products, both digital and tangible, at competitive prices and donate 10% of our net profits to animal charities, dog rescue groups and other charitable organizations.

Each purchase you make will have a positive impact on others. And who knows maybe you will decide to adopt a dog too!

We Did it Again...


Our 3rd Rescue Peach Campbell

Just when we thought our family was complete, a dog I already knew was being rehomed.  To tell the truth, I felt like Andy was being thrown away, tossed aside, call it whatever you like!

All I knew is that I couldn't stand it!!!

A quick call to my husband was all it took - Andy would come home with us and become part of our pack.  

Read Andy's Story: Puppy Tales: My Journey Home

... and Again


Our 4th Rescue dog - Savannah Campbell

Savannah came to us at the age of 10 after the family that raised her since puppyhood decided they couldn't give her a good home any more.

She settled in quickly,  becoming best pals with Andy​.  Savannah had a really bad skin condition due to allergies.  Once we got it under control she became a puppy again.  She frolics, plays and hops!! Yup, I said Hops!  She's so darn sweet, I can't' stand it. 

Read Her Story Here: Puppy Tales: Becoming Savannah

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