Andy is at it again!

By Cheryl Campbell | A Dogs Life

Canine Chatter. That is what I call the constant noise that surrounds me during the day. I shouldn’t expect anything less than lots of noise since we chose to have four rescues than run, play and are very active every minute of the day. Andy loves his own antics and today he is up to them again! I was trying to record a video this afternoon for a new webinar I’m holding next week and Andy constantly jumped in front of the camera, on the camera and on me!

Andy is all puppy and he plays all day. Finally calming down around his dinner time I thought I would finally be able to sit back and relax without having the ever present tennis ball in hand.

Then I started wondering why he was so quiet. Nothing, not a sound. Very unusual indeed. So off I go looking for the quite and this is what I found!