Become The Pack Leader Your Dog Deserves

By Cheryl Campbell | Training & Behavior

Become The Pack Leader

Want A Happy Dog? Become The Pack Leader!

Dogs are generally pack animals. Your most important job as a dog owner is to become the pack leader. If you not, they leader they will take that position for themselves. Every pack has a leader and followers, you can’t change that.

It’s simply how dogs work. In the wild dogs run in packs, and they form a pack in your home as well. The difference is, that in your home, the pack may be a mix of members.  The pack can include:

  • adults,
  • children, and
  • other pets like a cat.

It may be an unusual pack, but to your dog it’s still a pack!  There must be a leader and that leader must make all the big decisions.

If you don’t fill the pack leader slot, your dog will.  If you don’t do what it takes to maintain your image as the pack leader, he will take over slowly and sooner or later you will lose control.

Remember that the pack leaders make the decisions and the followers follow.

Some Dogs Are Happy to Please, Some Are Easy To Train

There are dogs who are just too happy to please. They simply do as you ask without any questioning. They are easy to train and the owners are convinced it’s due to how good they are as pack leaders. That’s usually not the case! Some dogs are simply much easier to train others. That’s it!  Trust me… you can get away with so much more if you have an easy dog.

However if you have a difficult, very smart, driven dog then you have to know fully what you are doing and the messages that you are giving your dog. It is much more difficult to train these dogs if you do not know what you are doing. The secret to training these types of dogs is… to ensure that YOU are the pack leader in the home. Only then will they willingly obey and listen to you.

To Become The Pack Leader Your Dog Deserves You Need To Understand A Few Things.

Teach Yourself Before You Teach Your Dog

Your dog won’t just follow and obey you unless you first teach yourself how to be the pack leader. That will make your training sessions easier and more enjoyable. Dogs just like human beings and other animals love to learn. They continue to pick up new lessons so yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks!

In the past you needed to find a local dog trainer to teach you how to train your dog but today the internet has given us easy access to valuable dog obedience training resources. Not all resources are good and some are horrible!

But don’t worry you won’t have to sort through them all because I have just discovered a fantastic resource which shows you how to become the pack leader in the most amazing gentle way -I’ll tell you more about that later.

You Do Not Need To Be Aggressive to Be a Great Pack Leader

I definitely don’t agree with old school training methods that teach you to use negative reinforcement and show you how to physically dominate your dog. There is no need to scream, shout, or hurt your dog in any way, and absolutely no need for smacking or kneeing him to get him to obey.

Instead, learn to understand how your dog sees the world. Learn to communicate in a calm and gentle way so your dog chooses to follow out of choice, not fear.

By teaching ourselves how our dogs see the world we can adjust our own behavior to communicate clearly to them in a way that they can understand.

Don’t Apply Human Psychology In Your Dog

Lets face it, we would never apply fish or bird psychology to a dog, so why do we always apply human psychology?  It’s so important that we send them the right messages, rather than simply applying human psychology to a dog.

When you understand your dog’s mind and where they are coming from there is no need for fear or aggression in training… if you are struggling, then the chances are that your dog does not see you as the pack leader.

I Recently Discovered An Outstanding Online Dog Training Website

I have had dogs my entire life, as many as four large pups at once.  Currently Al and I have three: Milly Andy and Savannah.  When I recently discovered Doggy Dan’s website I was amazed at the content and things I learnt. I thought I knew alot about dogs and how to train them, but have to admit I was doing some things really wrong!

If you want to be the pack leader your dog deserves I encourage you to check it out too.

With over 250 videos the site explains very clearly how to become the pack leader. They also have live consultations in people’s homes that are really interesting to watch. There are simple steps, clearly laid for you so anyone can do this.

I loved the entire site and found the section dedicated to stopping unwanted behaviors really fascinating.

This is the most comprehensive dog training site I have ever come across and since Doggy Dan offers a  3 day $1 trial you simply can’t go wrong.

If you are serious about having a well trained dog that you can be proud of then I fully recommend that you take a look at the site now.  Visit the Online Dog Trainer here:


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