Cost of Dog Food (and our Favorite Brand)

By Cheryl Campbell | Featured Products

Cost of Dog Food

Cost of Dog Food

The cost of dog food depends mainly on its ingredients. But most pet owners will agree that cost is insignificant if it is for the welfare of their dogs. There are actually several food items available in the market that cost less but can cause food allergies.

To start with, feeds with greater amounts of vitamins and minerals are more costly for its many benefits. Also, the commercial food items prepared by using modern technologies like oven-baking, sterilization of cans, air drying or freeze drying of contents is more expensive.

If you want to stick with homemade food items for your pets, you must select only the best ingredients with the highest quality. You may ask for the recommended nutrient contents from the national nutrient academies in all nations. They can also provide you with guidelines. If you prefer canned items, be informed that they cost more than the dry food items.

Cost of Dry Vs. Canned Dog Food

Although dry and canned dog food is great sources of nutrients, not all dogs prefer both. Dry dog food is favored by most dogs due to its taste but when it comes to moisture, they like canned food better as it has about 70-80% of moisture as compared to dry food which only has 10%.

When it comes to nutrient contents, dry food has about 90% of nutrients and is mostly soybean and rice based. Other dry food is based on corn and sometime beef or chicken together with vitamin and minerals. In addition, it is only soy products that are structured so well to look like meat pieces.

And so to make up for the nutritional balance that your dog needs, they must eat more amounts of canned food materials than the dry food materials. Larger dogs that weigh more than thirty pounds need to be fed with semi moist food items or dry food items most of the time in order to satisfy the food receptors in their stomachs. Smaller dogs on the other hand, may have a satisfactory level of nutrients if fed even the moist food items.

Feed the Proper Amount of Dog Food

Lastly, the caloric density of the dry food should not be forgotten. Check your label to make sure you are feeding the proper about of food. ┬áRegardless of the size of your dog, the recommended amount can vary. That’s because the higher the crude protein, less food is required.

Here’s the food we feed our guys: