Saturday’s Rescue Dog: Natural Dog Food CT’s Buddy

By Cheryl Campbell | Dog Rescue

I Simply Couldn’t Resist This Guy…I Hope You Can’t Either!

I know for a fact that “older” and “not adoptable” dogs are the best! Our favorite older dog here at Natural Dog Food is Peach. She had three families reject her because of her age.  She looked like she was ten or twelve years old when she came to us. It is a funny thing about a rescue dog, you really don’t know what life journeys they have been on.

Is Peach’s gray hair a result of old age or simply a result of her natural coloring?  I personally believe she earned each and everyone of those grey hairs on the various roads she has traveled. She is such a wonderful dog and so full of life.  I’m sure she can tell many a story. Maybe one day she will tell the tale of how she came to be filled with buckshot.

I digress. My whole point is that with a rescue dog you simple can’t know their age for sure. If we believed what we were told by the Vet when we first fostered Peach it would make her a whopping 16 year’s old!

Natural Dog Food Ct's _Buddy(2)

Please Don’t Pass up on Adopting An Older Dog

They Bring more joy into your life than you can possibly imagine.

Are you destined to be Buddy’s best friend and provide his forever home?

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