Dog Rescue at its Best

By Cheryl Campbell | Dog Rescue

Get behind Dog Rescue During October!

October 1, 2010. Not just another Day.  It is the beginning of Adopt-A-Dog month. For those not familiar this is a nationally recognized event sponsored by the American Humane Association and it encourages people to get behind dog rescue and adopt their next dog from a breed rescue group or animal shelter.

There are so many misconceptions about rescue groups and shelter animals. Untrained, unhealthy, and “less than” are common misconceptions about animals in shelters and rescues. This is unfortunate and untrue for the vast majority of worthy dogs, cats and other types of animals awaiting a forever home.

Read how things are changing and how you can help at Janet’s Veterinary Medicine Blog. introduces Guest Blogger

Most of you know that I first adopted, then volunteered and fostered for our local group Labs4Rescue. Almost everyone I know that goes the adoption route becomes passionate about it.  I have met some really great people because of it too. Some I have met in person others on line. This weekend I am going to introduce you to Joan.

I love to hear stories about how our canine friends find their way home to us and Joan will share with you how her first recue Charli changed her life.  Both of us had our first rescue dog come to us from another’s tragedy so it is definitely bitter sweet.

We suspect our guy came to us from Hurricane Katrina and Charli needed a new home because of the devastation of nine eleven.  So many lives are intertwined and I think this is another example of how every event has a ripple effect that we simply can’t predict.

Please take the time to find out more about your local animal shelter and how rescue dogs can bring such joy to your life! And don’t forget to check back this weekend and meet’s first guest blogger.