How To Find The Best Vet For Your Dog

By Cheryl Campbell | Canine Health

Find The Best Vet For Your Dog Dog

Tired of searching for the perfect veterinarian for beloved dog? Well, worry no more as I will be helping you find the best vet for your dog.

How To Find The Best Vet For Your Dog

A lot of pet owners may not know it yet, but finding a good veterinarian these days is hard.  One of the things I feel strongly about is finding a vet that practices both western and eastern methods. That’s because dogs, like humans, deserve good medical care and you want to have choices when it comes to treatments.

It’s also important that you find someone you can trust and depend on.  What then should pet owners look for to know that they are on good hands?

Four Considerations To Help You Find The Best Vet For Your Dog:

Ask friends and loved ones who are also pet lovers for recommendation:

Remember, word of mouth is still on top of the list when it comes to finding a good veterinarian. Rid yourself of the trouble of having to go through directories. The best people you can ask for advice and suggestions are the people you know and even acquaintances who like yourself are pet lovers. People who love animals and show true concern for animal welfare will gladly help you find a great veterinarian for your dog. Ask specific questions:

  • Does the vet explain procedures?
  • Do they see you quickly when your pet is sick?

Make a list of the things that are important to you in a vet:

  • Does the vet offer options including Eastern medicine and practices?
  • Are you looking for a specialist?
  • A general veterinarian?
  • Decide what service your dog needs and then look for a vet who can meet the things included in your list.

Set an appointment:

You can either call the vet offices in your area or personally go there to discuss the billing arrangements. You see, veterinary care can be quite expensive especially if your pet is suffering from a serious illness or should undergo surgery and post-op care. Ask essential questions:

  • What is your payment policy?
  • Are down payments acceptable for emergency care?
  • Do you take pet health insurance? Which ones?

Its very important that you know this information ahead of time.

Check the office hours of the vet and see if it fits your own schedule:

Find out the days they are open. Ask questions about nighttime hours and weekends:

  • Are you open on Saturday?
  • What if my dog gets sick at night?
  • Is there an emergency Clinic you recommend?

For a complete list of state veterinary medical association and accredited vets in your area, you can go to the website of The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) at